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Removals Hints & Tips



It is very easy to feel under pressure to book the first removals company you find, however we would advise you to collect quotes from at least three reputable removal companies.


Consider the cost of the whole removals service, any waiting time charges, insurance or additional charges hidden in the small print.


Don't be caught out by online or blind, telephone quotes, THEY WILL charge you EXTRA for EVERY item you did not list! It's impossible for you to know exactly how many boxes or "square foot" you require moving, especially weeks before you move!


On moving day it’s difficult for you to negotiate a fair price as you are stuck with the company you have booked.


Helping us get loaded.

If possible secure an area of the road outside your house for the removal truck to park. Use your own car, traffic cones or dustbins. Try and do the same at your new home. Our vehicles are 3.5 Luton vans, enabling us easy access on to most driveways or loading areas without blocking your neighbour’s access. Our vans will normally require the space of at least two cars in which to park, load and unload.


We would normally only recommend using just one van for small house moves.


You would be surprised by the number of our customers who only list a few items for us to move and on moving day decide to increase the load, requiring a second trip.


We are more than pleased to allocate extra vehicles for a job at short notice, but it helps us all when allocating the crews if we are supplied with a comprehensive and true list of items at the initial booking stage.


Give yourself plenty of time to pack, it takes longer than you expect.


Don't use old boxes, they become weak and may end up at the bottom of a stack. Boxes should weigh about 20-30lbs each. Our guys are strong but not exactly the Governor of California! Everything you will need to pack is available on our packing materials page.


Pack your goods in new, double walled, cardboard removal boxes and mark them clearly as to which room they are to be delivered to. Tape them closed using the "H" method, one all the way along the seam and up halfway, two up the sides, halfway.


Order plenty of boxes, you will surprise yourself by how many you will actually use!

Pack your heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter items at the top and try to keep the weights of your boxes as uniform as possible.


Mark your boxes with a complete description of the items inside. When it comes to finding that item you need urgently you will be pleased you did. Pack plates to stand vertically NOT laid flat, wrap them individually using packing paper or bubble wrap. Ensure you don't overload your boxes so they don't close.Fill any voids or gaps in boxes with soft items like towels, bubble wrap or soft toys.
Stack your packed boxes against walls or in corners leaving our team room to work. Mirrors and pictures too large to be boxed will be wrapped by our crew. Bundle items like brooms and brushes and tape them together.


Remember to remove the glass shelf from the bottom of your fridge and the glass dish from inside your microwave.


Transit Bolts for washing machines are recommended but NOT essential. Remove the hoses from the back of the machine and place inside the drum. Check the washers are still in place before reconnecting.


Any good removal company will protect your goods using packing blankets or Coversafe © sofa and armchair protectors, mattress protectors etc.


A GREAT idea for protecting your mattresses is to put them inside an old duvet cover, you can easily pop the cover in the washing machine later. All our vehicles are supplied with mattress bags for double protection.


For pressed garments take up to six items on hangers, strap the hangers together with a cable tie, then cover with a clean bin bag. We will then transport your clothes hanging inside your own wardrobes on the vans. Or choose a few or our wardrobe cartons.


Removal men don't like glass (unless its full of lager!) If possible transport fish tanks, glass shelves and very delicate items yourself in the car, or pack them in plastic removal crates using acid-free packing materials and bubble wrap.


Mark any delicate fragile items clearly and ensure your removal team are aware.


Please leave fridges and freezers to "stand" for a while before turning them on again in your new home as the gas may need to settle in the motor.


Moving day is one of the most stressful days in your life. Packing the kids and pets off to a favourite auntie or grandparents for the day is a great idea. Alternatively, a day at the children's nursery or kennels works wonders.


While moving home ensure your keys are kept safe on the draining board at all times because nobody really moves the kitchen sink!

Why not book yourself into a local hotel while you sort your stuff out. Imagine you’re in the middle of sorting your stuff out, beds upside down; duvets still in the bags no curtains on the windows. Lock up, go to the hotel and get a nice hot bath, have room service deliver a nice meal and relax.


Buying or selling a property? we have found that the smart guys will offer the property they are living in with immediate vacancy, thus not getting involved with a chain. What they do is store their goods and stay with friends, relatives or rent. When it comes to buying once again they are in a strong position with no chain behind them.


You may be expecting a call at any time giving you a date to move, hang fire, in most cases we find it takes weeks and weeks or in most cases months and months before you will get a confirmed moving date. 


If you have any further questions, call us today or send an email to sales@anglianremovals.com and we will get back to you quickly.

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